PLEASE NOTE. We can only accept the purchase of ONE TONNE of logs per delivery at this time.

For deliveries of more than 1 tonne and multiple orders please call us. Thank you.

Kiln Dried Logs

Per 100kg £25.90
Per Tonne £259
Delivery £16 - £39

Hardwood Logs

Per 100kg £13.50
Per Tonne £135
Delivery £15 - £40.60

Softwood logs

Per 100kg £10.70
Per Tonne £107
Delivery £15 - £40.60

Traditional House Coal

10kg £4.50
20kg £8.50

Smokeless Briteflame

10kg £5.10
20kg £9.60


1 net bag £3.70
3 net bag £10


1 Box £0.90


Per Tonne £98
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For Every

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Longleat is here for your firewood needs. Cosy up in the cold or cook up a storm on a beautiful Summer's day.

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