Longleat Forestry


Picket Post

Warminster, Wiltshire

BA12 7JS


Tel:  01985 213507

Email: [email protected]

Firewood Shop - Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7.30am - 4.15pm

Friday: 7.30am - 3.15pm

Saturday: 8.00am - 12.00pm (September to March only)

Sundays and Bank Holidays: Closed


Logs Per Cubic Metre Per 100kg Per Tonne Average Moisture Content Average Calorific Value 
Kiln Dried £102 £25.40 £254 5-15% 5000kWh per tonne
Hardwood £66 £13.20 £132 25-35% 3500kWh per tonne
Softwood  £35 £10.50 £105 25-40% 3250kWh per tonne


Local Delivery Prices

Logs Per Tonne Per 2 Cubic Metres*
Kiln Dried From £269 From £269
Hardwood From £147 From £147
Softwood From £120 From £120

*Minimum delivery is 2 cubic metres


Other items that can be delivered with logs

Product Pack Size Price
Traditional House Coal 10kg £3.90
Traditional House Coal 20kg £8.50
Smokeless Briteflame 10kg £5.10
Smokeless Briteflame 20kg £9.60
Kindling 1 net bag £3.70
Kindling 3 net bags £10.00
Firelighters 1 box £0.90


Other products available

Product Price per Tonne
Woodchip From £83
Mulch From £60


Pick your own firewood

If you pop by our yard you can pick your own firewood! We're the only place in Wiltshire that let's you choose your own logs at you leisure and every load is personally wieghed at our weigh bridge.

Collection prices

Logs Per 100kg Per Tonne Per Cubic Metre
Kiln Dried £25.40 From £254 £102
Hardwood £13.20 From £132 £66
Softwood £10.50 From £105 £35


Longleat Forestry

The Longleat Estate woodlands are managed on a sustainable yield basis by continuous cover system with the natural regeneration of trees producing quality timber, forest products and habitats.

This method of management of the woodland creates enables natural seed production from quality selected mature trees and create suitable environments within the forest for these seeds to germinate and grow. The aim is a balance of trees of different ages and species from seedling to mature seed bearing trees, emulating close to nature forestry full of biodiversity.

Our woodland is very diverse and has many influencing factors within its management from care of the landscape through to special sites of scientific interest. We have been UK leader in continuous cover forestry and pride ourselves as growers of champion trees and quality.   

Our woodland is certified to UK Woodland Assurance Standards (UKWAS) and inspected annually for compliance. Our full certification code is SA-FM/COC 004807-F08.

Note: All products  are subject to availability, prices may change without notice.