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Snow Day For Longleat Safari Park Animals

Even though some of us may have struggled to get about in the recent snowy conditions a few of the Safari Park animals have been out making the most of the weather.

Longleat's four Amur Tigers appeared to be the most inquisitive of the park animals and were even presented with specially built Snowmen which keepers made for them, complete with carrot noses! They made light work of them though, showing offer their predatory skills before exploring the rest of their enclosure which was several inches deep in snow.

Whilst a lot of the Safari Park animals were tucked up indoors in the warm some couldn't resist playing in the snow including the rhinos who charged around their enclosure kicking up the snow.

Meanwhile down at Animal Adventure some of Longleat's smaller residents including anteaters, otters and red Panda were also keen to check out the sudden change to their outdoor environment.


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