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Elephant Sanctuary donations reach £340,000

Please Keep Donating!

Make a direct donation to the Longleat Elephant Sanctuary in the following ways:

1. Donate Online with JustGiving
2. Call our dedicated donations line on 01985 845 430

Thank you for your generous support.

Longleat would like to thank the public for the incredible support and generosity which they have shown Anne over recent weeks. So far donations for the "Longleat Elephant Sanctuary" have almost reached a staggering £340,000. This is just the beginning of a major campaign to help reach an ultimate goal of providing a safe haven for elephants like Anne.

The first concept drawing for the sanctuary has now been drawn up with the aim of accommodating up to five elephants including Anne. Over the coming months Longleat will be looking at other sanctuaries across the world as well as consulting with animal welfare bodies to come up with a more detailed plan.

Thank you for your support

Longleat are very appreciative of the support that people have shown from donations of pocket money and birthday money to lump sums from as far a-field as Dubai!

In addition to the donations Longleat has been delighted and somewhat taken aback by the number of Get Well Soon, Happy Retirement and homemade cards received.

Feel free to show your support by making a direct donation to the Longleat Elephant Sanctuary.

We (and we're sure Anne) thank you for your generous support.

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