Explore your journey through the UK's No.1 Safari Park

Take the Deadly Safari!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a Deadly Explorer? Well now’s your chance! It’s time to embark on the planet’s deadliest safari and Steve Backshall is coming with you every step of the way.

As you enter Longleat's famous Safari Park you’ll be given a special Deadly Safari Activity Book full of information and tasks to test your spotter skills whilst being guided by the star of the BBC Deadly TV series, Steve Backshall on your very own Safari CD Guide. Track down the world’s most lethal predators and discover what makes them the ultimate hunters. Along the way, keep a look out for their prey – they can be just as deadly when avoiding the jaws of a would-be assassin.

Can you crack the code to unlock the secret message and get your Deadly certificate?

Find out more about the Deadly Adventure at Longleat

Spectacular Views at the African Village

Look out across the East African Reserve where our magnificent Giraffe and Zebra graze, wander amongst the playful lemurs via a spectacular overhead bridge, tackle the baobab tree and rope bridge. Visit the Watering Hole cafe for refreshments before wandering through the African Traders shops. Plus, come face-to-face with a giraffe during May to September with our Giraffe feeding experiences.

Whilst at the African Village theres also the chance to explore the world of wallabies, say hello to a Brazilian tapir and meet the warthogs - Genghis, Attilla and Vlad!

See our new African Village

Flamingo Valley

As you leave the East African Game Reserve you’ll pass Flamingo Valley. See if you can spot one of our 40 or so Chilean flamingos standing on one leg – they find it more comfortable that way! These stunning pink birds live happily alongside African spoonbills, sacred ibis, Carolina ducks and white-faced whistling ducks.

Monkey Drive-Thru

Our famous Monkey ‘Drive-Thru’ is always full of amusement!. Love them or hate them, the Longleat monkeys have always been one of the Safari Park’s most memorable experiences with their cheeky antics!

See what our monkeys got up to when we gave them their very own car!

Big Game Park

As you enter the Big Game Park look out for an impressive herd of southern white rhinoceros. 

Make sure you catch a glimpse of the ankole cattle too; an ancient breed that was domesticated in Africa. You’ll recognise them by the huge horns that reach up to an incredible 2m across

Check out the bactrian camels; they shed their woolly coats in summer so they may not be looking their best! This is also the place to spot the rare Père David’s deer, the scimitar horned oryx and the ostrich.

Deer Park

Having a deer take food straight from your hand is something you’ll never forget. The deer will flock to this area to see you as they know there are always plenty of willing volunteers! Feeding the deer is a fantastic experience for all the family.

How many different deer species can you spot? The fallow deer have been here since the 16th century, over the years other types of deer have joined them. See if you can tell the difference between the red deer and the Père David’s deer.

At certain times, the Deer Park may be closed as the deer are in rut.

Anne the Elephant

We're delighted to announce that Anne the elephant has settled very well into her surroundings at Longleat since arriving back in April 2011. As well as her own special team of keepers dedicated to her wellbeing she has the freedom of her very own paddock to play in as and when she likes.

To find out the latest on Anne check out the news section.

Pelican Pond

Come and see one of the world’s largest flying birds – the pelican. If you’re lucky, one will take to the skies as you pass – their wingspan is humungous compared to the birds you see in the garden.

The first ever successful hatching of pink backed pelicans in the UK happened at Longleat back in 1996. Since then our safari staff have hand-reared over 24 chicks through to adulthood.

Tiger Territory

You’re sure to be amazed when you see the tigers – these long sleek creatures are among the most impressive of all the animals at Longleat Safari Park and are the largest of all the big cats. Make sure your car windows are closed - these beautiful animals may purr like your pet cat but they aren‘t nearly as cuddly as they look!

Lion Country

The first sighting of one of our famous Longleat lions is a big moment for everyone. Lions do a lot of sleeping, but if you’re lucky, you’ll see them striding majestically about their terrain; these extraordinary creatures are more territorial than most so we keep the two prides separate. If you're lucky enough you may even spot some lion cubs closely following their parents! Check out photos of our last litter of lion cubs when they first ventured out into the parkland.

Cheetah Kingdom

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to see the world’s fastest land animal - the cheetah – at Longleat. Watch as they sprint through Cheetah Kingdom at up to 70 miles an hour - you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled; not surprisingly, they can only keep that speed going for about 20 seconds! 

Find our more about the Cheetah Kingdom

Wolf Wood

Listen up – that eerie howl is a wolf pack. They’re so loud you can hear them 6 miles away! They aren’t howling at you – they’re doing it to warn off rival predators. Despite what you read in all the best fairy tales, humans are not the wolf’s ideal dinner!