Journey into the Jungle

Our new multi-million pound attraction is now open and it’s time for you to explore… Meerkats run around your feet, lorikeets land on your hand and monkeys swing down from their temple and climb all around you. Set sail on a sea lion escorted Jungle Cruise adventure or board the thrilling Jungle Express. It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

Experience Jungle Kingdom - Watch the movie...

Go Walkabout with the Meerkats

Our walkthrough meerkat enclosure means that, for the first time ever in the UK, you can get really close to these popular animals. Explore their world and see them dash right around under your feet, through caves and over rocks, or stand guard on their hind legs making sure you aren’t after their dinner.

Hand Feed the Rainbow Lorikeets

Would you like a rainbow lorikeet to land and drink nectar straight from your hand? Go to our brand new Lorikeet Feeding Station and you won’t have to wait long. These brightly coloured parrots love their food – they spend most of their day feeding and you’ll be amazed when they drink nectar direct from your hand. A truly memorable experience for mums and dads as well as children.



Join the Mayhem in the Monkey Temple

Ever had eyeball contact with a monkey? They’ll be watching your antics just as you are watching theirs. As you walk through the Monkey Temple see how many of our monkeys you can spot – it shouldn’t be hard as they’ll be all around you. They’re all as cheeky as each other climbing through the trees, swinging from ropes and running along the ground.



And there's more...

Jungle Kingdom is all about getting really close to many amazing animals who’ve come to Longleat Adventure Park from all over the world… meet Bonito and Maroni the giant anteaters, and Brussel and Sprout the cape crested porcupines. And don’t miss out on going walkabout amongst our colony of cheeky chipmunks. At Jungle Kingdom you get to be in there with the animals, so that you can interact with them and experience them up close and personal.



Enjoy a Jungle Cruise

Set sail on a Jungle Cruise voyage of fun and adventure aboard one of our boats. The frolicking sea lions will escort you on your way. Watch that you don’t get wet; at feeding time they leap out of the water for their food and the splashes as they land can be massive.

Cruise past the new Gorilla Colony, a lakeside retreat to a band of four lowland gorillas. Plus look out for Longleat’s oldest silverback gorilla, Nico as you journey past his very own island. Here he has his very own creature comforts in the form of a television!

And if you’re really lucky you’ll cap your perfect Jungle Cruise with a glimpse of two of our resident hippopotami – Spot and Sonia. Watch out - they are Longleat‘s most dangerous animals!

Climb Aboard the Jungle Express

Toot Toot! Climb aboard the Jungle Express. The guard blows his whistle and you’re off for a great adventure! Meandering along, you’ll travel through the woods, into a tunnel and on to Half Mile Lake.

Watch the Californian sea lions leap gracefully out of the water – then land with a splash! Look out for the Eastern white pelicans and see their beaks expand as they snatch their food. And you may spot Nico, the silverback lowland gorilla, who lives on the island in the middle of the lake.

See Jungle Kingdom out of your window as you steam down the track; look out for the iguana-shaped bridge with water spurting from its mouth, and they’ll be plenty of monkey business to watch as you pass the Monkey Temple.

Roll up! Roll up! It's Showtime in Animal Adventure

How do you feel about touching a tarantula or stroking a snake? Go along to Animal Adventure where our rangers will be putting on special shows for you. They need your help though! Will you be one of the brave people to hold one of these exotic creatures?