Feeding time at Longleat

  • Penguin island Penguin

    Watch the penguins swim through the subterranean cave and waddle amongst you in the outdoor walk-through while daily talks and feeding sessions take place. 

    Location: Penguin Island
    Show Times: Times Vary: Ask one of our rangers on the day of your visit for details on penguin feeding times.
  • Feed the sea lions Sea lion

    Watch that you don’t get wet; at feeding time they leap out of the water for their food and the splashes as they land can be massive.

    Location: On the Jungle Cruise
    Show Times: Available all day
  • Feed the deer

    Our deer are rather fond of attention and certainly like being treated to food treats!

    Location: Safari Park
    Show Times: Back again in 2015.
  • Lorikeet feeding

    These brightly coloured parrots love their food – they spend most of their day feeding and you’ll be amazed when they drink nectar direct from your hand.

    Location: Monkey Temple (in Adventure Park)
    Show Times: Available all day
  • With such a full day of fun – and of watching the animals eat – the kids are bound to work up an appetite themselves! Our friendly restaurants, coffee bars and cafés are great value and serve plenty of kids’ specials.

  • Giraffe feeding

    Ever come face-to-face with a giraffe? It’s one of life’s must-do experiences! Before you know it, you’ll find yourself looking a giraffe in the eye while it takes food direct from your hand.

    Location: African Village (in Safari Park)
    Show Times: 10.30am & 2pm*
    Availability: May to September’
* Feeding time listed taking place at peak times only
(i.e. Weekends and school holidays)
All times are subject to availability.