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The Longleat Estate woods are managed on a Sustainable Yield basis by Continuous Cover System with Natural Regeneration. The estimated sustainable annual production is between 6,000 and 8,000 tonnes per annum. This is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that we do not either significantly under cut or over cut, which would reduce both quality and quantity of timber and could adversely affect biodiversity.

Continuous Cover by Natural Regeneration involves the management of the woodland so as to create the conditions favourable for seed production from selected mature trees and create suitable environments within the forest for these seeds to germinate and grow. The aim is a balance of trees of different ages from seedling to mature, marketable and seed bearing trees.

Particular attention is paid to sites of Scheduled Ancient Monuments or other archaeological remains to reduce any damage caused by forest operations to a minimum. We aim to minimise the damage caused to the surrounding habitats, such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Our continuous cover/natural regeneration system, by encouraging diversity amongst the trees species, also encourages diversity of other plant and animals.

Our woodland is certified to UK Woodland Assurance Standards (UKWAS) and inspected annually for compliance. Our full certification code is SA-FM/COC 004807-F08.

Assistance with management is received from the Forestry Commission via a management grant whose aim is the improvement and restoration of ancient native woodlands and their habitats.


Price List (Incl. VAT)

Woodchip from £90.00 per tonne Delivered
Mulch from £70.00 per tonne Delivered
Hardwood Logs from £145.00 per tonne Delivered
  from £130.00 per tonne Collected
Softwood Logs from £110.00 per tonne Delivered
  from £95.00 per tonne Collected
Kindling £3.60 per bag Collected*
House Coal (10kg) £3.90 per bag Collected*
House Coal (25kg) £9.30 per bag Collected*
Briteflame (10kg) £5.10 per bag Collected*
Briteflame (25kg) £12.60 per bag Collected*

*These items can be delivered with log orders


Also on sale…

  • Christmas trees
  • Firelighters
  • Round Timber

All products subject to availability, prices may change without notice.



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